What is Weedmaps?


Since recreational marijuana passed in Colorado in 2012, technology has been growing with the cannabis industry. One of the coolest high tech resources isn’t in your local head shop or dispensary. It’s accessible right from your computer or other WiFi-capable device. It’s called Weedmaps.

What is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is the tool to use to find cannabis, both recreational and medical. The website logs dispensaries for medicinal patients and recreational users. You can find dispensaries near you and see if they meet your specific needs.

The website breaks the businesses down with several filters, including, but not limited to:

One of my local dispensaries in the metro-Denver area.
One of my local dispensaries in the metro-Denver area.
  • Age requirement (18+ or 21+)
  • A rating system
  • Dispensary deals
  • Whether they accept credit/debit cards
  • Menu items
  • Photos


How Do I Use It?

If you are looking for a dispensary near you, just go to www.weedmaps.com and type in your current location. If your device has the location feature turned on, WM will do it for you.

Weedmaps will then provide you with a list of dispensaries that are close to you, whether they are medical or recreational.

The website brags an impressive list of dispensaries around the world, from Colorado to Amsterdam. There is even one in Israel! (No, really! It’s called Green Herbal Fit!)

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis' menu.
Silver Stem Fine Cannabis’ menu.

Sadly, if you do not live somewhere that medicinal or recreational cannabis is legal, you will not likely find a dispensary in your area. Weedmaps only lists reputable (and legal) businesses.

However, if you live in a large, metropolitan recreational city like I do, WM will be your favorite tool. You can check out their menu before you power your way through the Denver or Seattle traffic. The worst thing is when you’re in search of a specific strain only to get there and realize the dispensary doesn’t carry it! This is when Weedmaps comes in handy.

How Often are New Dispensaries Added?

New dispensaries are being added all the time, and you can add them too!

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a section in the navigation category that reads “Add a Dispensary”.

You can also add a doctor and add a delivery service.

I Prefer Mobile. Is there an App?

Yes, there is an app! Weedmaps is downloadable to both iOS and Android.



Jheri is a successful freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast from Michigan. She is currently writing her novel and a number of short stories, as well as promoting cannabis for Smoke Weed and Medical Marijuana Cure. Her office is based in Denver, CO.

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