How to Use Cannasaver Weed Coupons


If you are from the Colorado area, you may have heard of Cannasaver weed coupons. If not, you are in for a treat, because your weed-buying experience is about to change.

What Is Cannasaver?

Cannasaver is a Colorado-based service that consolidates a number of marijuana deals in the state. Most of the deals that you will find are in Denver and Colorado Springs, but you will also find some in Boulder and off US-85. Notice you cannot even see the city of Denver because there are so many location markers with dank deals just for you.


Although the service is Colorado-based, Cannasaver weed coupons are available to everyone, including out-of-staters, as long as you keep the herb within the state borders as the law demands. That means that you can use these deals even if you are just visiting. (We encourage it! Marijuana is more expensive for tourists.)

Do All Colorado Dispensaries Participate?

Unfortunately, not all Colorado dispensaries participate in the deals on Cannasaver. That being said, there are plenty that do participate. All of the dispensaries add their own deals to the online coupon book for your convenience. Some of the participating dispensaries include:


MMJ America

The Grass Station

Personalized Organic Treatments

Rocky Road Aurora


Medicine Man

Denver Clone Store


The Hemp Center

Fox Street Wellness


Quality Choice Alternative Care Center

Preferred Organic Therapy

Herbal Remedies Denver

How Do I Use Cannasaver Weed Coupons?

Using Cannasaver coupons is easy.

  1. Find the deal you want.
  2. Click on the deal.
  3. Press the “Print Coupon/QR Code” or the “Add to Printer” button.
  4. Collect your coupons!
  5. Take them into the associated dispensary.

You now have the resources you need to save a lot of money in ganja. Whether you are a Colorado local or plan on a visit, there is no reason to pay full price when you can get a deal instead!

Happy Couponing!


Jheri is a successful freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast from Michigan. She is currently writing her novel and a number of short stories, as well as promoting cannabis for Smoke Weed and Medical Marijuana Cure. Her office is based in Denver, CO.

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