Meet the CannaCloud, the “Keurig” of Marijuana


There are all sorts of cool gadgets that we can get for everyday use in the home: smart TVs, wireless surround sound, and yes, even high-tech coffeemakers. The Keurig has dominated the single-serve coffeemaker market for years. It has become a household name due to the company’s high standards and simple innovation. Well, now there is a new “Keurig” in town, but it is not the traditional coffeemaker you know and love. Meet the CannaCloud, the Keurig of marijuana.

What is the CannaCloud?

The CannaCloud is the world’s very first single-serve marijuana vaporizer. It works a lot like a Keurig, in the way that all you have to do is buy the brand’s CannaCups, pop them into place in the pod, and let the CannaCloud do the rest of the work.

The CannaCloud, its pod, and CannaCups.

There is a reason that this product is so comparable to a Keurig. The founders actually worked for Keurig as executives. Their expertise is what assures that everything from their new company, CannaKorp, will be high-quality technology.

How Does it Work?

After you pop your CannaCup into the pod, just press the big blue button in the center of the small appliance. The CannaCloud will heat up your cup. Within a minute, it will be finished heating your cup, and a small, plastic mouthpiece will pop out for you to vaporize.

The Design

This simple, futuristic design and method of medicating will, hopefully, help fight the stigma that many marijuana users face. CannaKorp’s ultimate goal is to turn vaporizing into something that is viewed as a normal lifestyle choice, comparable to drinking coffee. While that is already true for many cannabis enthusiasts, it is no secret that there is a large demographic that views cannabis culture negatively. Perhaps, with new, streamline ways to medicate, their opinions will change.

CannaCloud and its pod.
CannaCloud and its pod.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dave Manly, who served as an executive for Keurig for thirteen years, has made a point that he feels it is important that all CannaCups have the same dosage, just like K-Cups. Each K-Cup will have around 0.4 grams of herb, which is comparable to a thin joint. Also like K-Cups, each single serving will cost you. A CannaCup currently retails for $9.99, which is about twice as much as it would cost just to roll a joint. Nevertheless, you are paying for assured quality.

The unit itself will retail at $149, which is much less than its competitor, the Pax 2. It will be available in all 27 medical states, and the four current recreational states.


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