Texas Cannabis: Legal Medicinal Dispensaries in Motion


Out of the few states that have legalized cannabis and that have considered legalizing medical cannabis, not many thought that Texas would join the party. The famously conservative state has surprised the nation with its decision.

How Legalization Got on the Ballot

Tea party member, Rep. David Simpson was a driving force in this legislative obstacle. His Christian view is that marijuana has been given to humans by God, and therefore, it should be legal. The representative made a bill and gained the support of three Democrats and two other Republicans.

Though Houston Republicans disagreed with the bill, it was still able to find its place on the floor of the House.

Medical Legalization

In May of 2015, the House voted “yes” on the legalization of cannabis throughout the state with a 5:2 victory. Only days before, the decriminalization of marijuana was approved with a 4:2 vote.

People did not believe that the law would carry on, but so far, it has. In fact, the first Texas dispensary will be given its license in June 2017.

Licensed dispensaries will be allowed to distribute products with low levels of THC and CBD. The state will have serious restrictions on the herb, allowing people with only one type of condition to access the plant. Patients will also have to have proven two other drugs were not effective for them.

The name of the Texan plan is the Compassionate Use Program.


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