A Quick Guide to Glass


Sometimes all the different types of glass can get confusing, especially for newbies. That is why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you keep up with the pros.

Spoon Pipes

A spoon pipe aka a dry pipe is one of the simplest ways to smoke herb. As the name suggests, they are shaped like a spoon.


Spoon pipes are fairly inexpensive in comparison to larger methods such as bongs. You can usually find them retailing for $10$60, depending on quality.


A steamroller is a long, glass pipe with two open ends. As you hold one end, you smoke from the other end, but be wary! If you’ve never used a steamroller, they can really pack a punch.


Steamrollers tend to cost a little bit more than spoon pipes, depending on their quality. Expensive steamrollers can cost upwards of $200, while less expensive ones can cost as little as $12.


Bubblers are small water-pipes that bubble when you use them, thus the namesake.


Like spoon pipes and steam rollers, bubblers tend to be quite inexpensive, though higher quality models and art pieces can get pricey. Cheap bubblers can cost anywhere from $15-$30, while higher quality models run $40$100.


A chillum is, perhaps, even simpler than a spoon pipe. A traditional way of smoking, the chillum is just a straight pipe.


Chillums are exceptionally cheap, and cost anywhere from $6$60, depending on the material (clay is usually cheaper than glass) and the quality.

Straight Tube Bongs

A straight-tube bong is a water-pipe made of glass that is classically straight. Straight bongs are one of the best choices for daily smokers, as you can take in a lot at once.


Straight-tube bongs can be pricier than smaller pieces of glass like chillums and dry pipes. Cheaper models made out of materials like acrylic can cost as little as $15, while nicer glass bongs cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars.

Angled Modern Bongs

Angled modern bongs are aesthetically-pleasing pieces that tend to have a lot of percolators. If you like to multi-task while you smoke, an angled modern bong may be the style for you.


Angled modern bongs cost around the same price as straight bongs, though it is harder to find them on the low-end of the $20-$100 price-range. Modern bongs often cannot be made of cheap materials like acrylic, so you have to pay for more expensive materials like glass.

Custom Bongs

Custom bongs are usually the priciest, but they also are some of the coolest. With custom glass, you pay for quality and artful perfection. Custom glass can just be an intricate design, an interesting character, or even a replica of something else.

Custom piece by Buck Glass, LaceFace Glass, and Joe O’ Connell.

Custom glass can cost anywhere from $100 for smaller pieces to tens of thousands for larger showpieces.

What's Your Preferred Method?

Now that you can differentiate types of glass, which do you think is right for you? Let us know in the comments section!


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