Medical Study Supports the End of Marijuana Prohibition

marijuana prohibition

The UK’s respected medical publication, The Lancet, recently suggested that we should put an end to marijuana prohibition. Instead of barring adults from using the drug, the publication suggests that it should be regulated instead.

Marijuana and the UN

The United Nations has been pushing for international drug policies for decades. The organization’s goal was to create a drug-free world, but that plan has not exactly worked. While the prison-industrialization complex in America worsens, socioeconomic situations have declined for those that use drugs. That includes drugs that have been shown not to have severe long-term side effects, such as marijuana.

In many countries, including the United States, the federal government still categorizes cannabis with hard drugs such as heroin, despite the fact that it has been proven to be even less dangerous than alcohol. For those reasons, it makes little sense, but that does not mean that federal governments have made efforts to cease prohibition of the drug. While some states have legalized the substance, it is still widely illegal in the civilized world.

On April 19th, the UN will begin a General Assembly regarding drug policies. The new study may or may not affect the organization’s decision, but considering The Lancet is a highly-respected publication, it certainly should make some kind of impact.

The Effects of Prohibition

Marijuana prohibition has had a negative impact on socioeconomic issues for many years, leading not only to concerns of class and career availability, but also concerns of health. People of lower social classes, who may be unable to get jobs due to drug-related arrests or negative urine tests, are less likely to have access to healthcare and proper nutrition.

The Lancet suggests that ending marijuana prohibition would save a lot of these sorts of hassles. Marijuana users could find work more easily, leading them to better opportunities. This would include better access to healthcare and more transparency in doctors’ offices.

Hopefully, we can aim for a better future–a future without marijuana prohibition.


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