Golden Goat


Golden Goat was a happy accident in Topeka, KS. Being quite a popular strain, I knew I had to try it when I had the opportunity in Denver. It was then that I knew I’d found a wonderful strain. No wonder it was getting so much positive attention.

The Herb

Golden Goat in its herb form.

Golden Goat was created by accident when a Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Island Sweet Skunk. It’s mostly golden with soft, pink crystals, displaying its sativa-like qualities. The average yield is between 25 and 30 grams per weed. It does well as a multi-branched plant.

Taste & Smell

Golden Goat smells citrusy and earthy. Strong, citrusy notes are the most noticeable flavor when you first smoke it, but then deep, earthy overtones overpower the palate. The final note is sweet, almost like tangerine candy.

Psychoactive Effects


This strain, being a hybrid, has fantastic anti-anxiety properties. It is an uplifting high, but watch out if you’re prone to the giggles!


If you like “happy” strains, Golden Goat just may be for you. The sativa-like properties are enough to keep you awake, alert, and swimming in euphoria.


As a writer, I am always looking for strains that expand my creativity, and I feel that Golden Goat did a phenomenal job doing just that. It helped me find my “happy place” whilst keeping me alert and pain-free.

Pain Relief

The indica qualities of this hybrid are just enough to give it wonderful pain relief properties.

What it Treats


Due to Golden Goat’s antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties, it makes the perfect treatment for anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It will uplift your spirits and rid you of all of your worries.


If are subject to pain, but don’t want to use an indica that may put you to sleep, Golden Goat may be the right hybrid for you. It cures you of your pain, whilst also keeping you alert. It is truly a blessing for anyone with chronic mild to moderate pain.


Golden Goat’s sativa properties make it the perfect pick-me-up for a long day. If you struggle getting through the day due to pain or a depressive disorder, but also struggle with fatigue, Golden Goat will treat all of your ailments whilst still keeping you awake.


This strain is particularly effective in combating headaches and migraines, both chronic and short-term.

The Cons

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is the most noticeable side effect of this strain. Drink a glass of water and keep some lip balm close!

Dry Eye

Dry eye and red eye are common side effects, so grab some eye drops!


Some hybrids are more prone to causing paranoia. If you struggle with any kind of paranoid symptoms, try a different strain.

Would I Smoke it Again?

Golden Goat is a fantastic hybrid that is the perfect daytime medicine for my back pain. It does not make me tired and the side effects are minor, so I would most certainly smoke the strain again. In fact, I have sought it out at local dispensaries after trying it my first time. I would give the strain a 4.5/5.





Jheri is a successful freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast from Michigan. She is currently writing her novel and a number of short stories, as well as promoting cannabis for Smoke Weed and Medical Marijuana Cure. Her office is based in Denver, CO.

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