Cantheism: The Cannabis Religion


You probably know someone that smokes cannabis religiously, but you may not know someone that literally smokes it as part of their religion. However, there is a religion, based solely on the worship of cannabis. It is called Cantheism.

What Do Cantheists Believe?

In reality, Cantheism is quite self-explanatory. It focuses on the belief that people have the right to use cannabis in whatever way they see fit, but also that the plant is a renewable resource that should be used as a sacrament. One of the most important stipulations of the religion is that as a Cantheist, one must protect the religion, their beliefs, and the plant that they believe has unexplained healing powers. Cantheists also cite that hemp was the plant that linked God to mankind.

Hemp translates in Cantheism’s symbology, as well. They use the Egyptian hieroglyph for hemp rope as the symbol of their church.

Rites and Rituals

Cantheists also have a number of rites and rituals. They include:

Practice cannabism, which is the act of consuming cannabis.

Egyptian hieroglyph for hemp rope, and also the symbol of the Cantheist church.
Egyptian hieroglyph for hemp rope, and also the symbol of the Cantheist church.

Make oblation with hempseed, which you should also spread.

Offer thanks whenever you use cannabis.

Share the smoke, which is holy, with other people of your faith.

Use a hemp cloth of prayer to share the holy smoke.

On summer solstice, you must bonfire jump.

Go through cannibages, which are when you take in a lot of cannabis.

Go on a freedom pilgrimage, which means you must go to a land where cannabis is legal.

The Cantheist Code

One of the most important beliefs of Cantheists is the following of the Cantheist Code, which is:

“I will share my faith, but not be obnoxious about it. We pray for our oppressors, and work for a better world.”

Is Cantheism the First Religion to Use Cannabis?

While there are not many modern religions that use hemp, Cantheists are certainly not the first religious peoples to use it. Here are just a few others:



Biblical religions



African religions



Hemp has been used in religious practices for thousands of years, so is Cantheism really all that strange? Is there not much more to Cantheism than using cannabis, or is it a religion that embraces freedom and oneness with the Earth? That is a decision for you to make.


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