Can You Earn $3,000 a Week Smoking Cannabis?


In recent months, there has been a rumor that marijuana users can finally live the dream. According to the original article by Green Rush Daily (which has since been deleted), cannabis enthusiasts could apply to be a part of a clinical trial funded by the federal government. Not only would they be allowed to smoke marijuana legally, but they also could earn $3,000 a week from the federal government.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that may be because it is. Here are some quick facts that might help you understand why this claim is nothing more than a crock.

Schedule I Status

While the DEA claims it is considering changing the drug’s Schedule I status, the organization has not yet done that. Because of its current Schedule I status, it has no recognized medical purpose. That means it is illegal to hold a clinical trial featuring it.

Unless the federal government wants to break its own rules in the public sector, they cannot host a clinical trial.

Existing Clinical Trials Don't Pay that Much

Clinical trials exist for pharmaceuticals, paying anywhere between $50 and $300 daily. While you can make quite a bit of money if you are on the high end of that pay scale, it still is only a total of $2,100 weekly, $900 short of the promised $3,000 the article claimed you could earn from smoking cannabis.

Why would a new industry pay more than multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company? They wouldn’t.

Fake Articles are at an All-Time High

Fake articles are growing in popularity, mostly for “clickbait” purposes. Shocking or exciting news is always sure to earn someone a few clicks on their website, so you will oftentimes find these on social media outlets. Beware of bad information!

Cannabis, unfortunately, ends up being the focus of a number of these articles. From fake legal establishments in rec states to lies about marijuana overdose, cannabis has become the subject of a number of lies on the internet. Fortunately, they are easy to debunk using Snopes.

Remember: Don't Believe Everything You Read on the Internet


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