Blunts or Joints? Which is Better?


You and your buddy have probably had this argument before. What’s better: blunts or joints? While it is fairly obvious that vaporizing is the best way to get all of your THC and CBDs, what comes next? Well, we’ll break it down for you.


A blunt is a tightly-rolled, hollow cigar stuffed with marijuana and it is made of tobacco pulp. Sometimes, you will get some extra flavor from the blunt wrap itself.

The Pros

  • Blunts have flavor options, including honey and berry.
  • You can usually roll more herb into a blunt than a joint.
  • Blunts do not tear as easily.
  • They burn slower so you can smoke longer.
  • Blunts can be easier to pass.

The Cons

  • You are smoking tobacco product.
  • You do not get as much THC/CBD so you are essentially wasting marijuana.
  • Blunts are more suitable for a number of people than an individual.


A joint is different than a blunt in the way that it is just paper instead of a cigar.

The Pros

  • More suitable for an individual.
  • Joints are easier to roll.
  • Less is more, as in less marijuana will give you more THC/CBD.
  • They burn faster so you don’t waste half an hour smoking.

The Cons

  • Can be harder to pass around, especially for long periods of time.
  • Burns fingers faster.

Comparing the Two

The most common myth out there when it comes to the “blunts or joints?” question is that blunts affect you faster and for a longer period of time. While that may seem true, it isn’t. You can usually just fit more pot in a blunt, so you’re just smoking more. You also have to take the health factor into consideration. Blunts are rolled with tobacco paper, after all.

The fact of the matter is, neither blunts nor joints are better. Both have their pros and their cons, but if you’re worried about your health, maybe put them both down and pick up a vaporizer instead.


Jheri is a successful freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast from Michigan. She is currently writing her novel and a number of short stories, as well as promoting cannabis for Smoke Weed and Medical Marijuana Cure. Her office is based in Denver, CO.

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