8 Myths about Denver’s Cannabis Culture


The internet is brimming with good information. However, it also has its fair share of myths. The marijuana culture in Denver is a prime example of bad information for a number of reasons. That is why I’m going to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding cannabis culture in Colorado.

Myth #1

Denver Always Smells Like Pot

pot smoke

Maybe the lingering aroma of cannabis is in the air sometimes, but Denver smells like pot just about as much as any other city–meaning not all that much. You won’t see clouds of smoke every time that you walk outside, and you likely won’t smell marijuana at all if you’re walking downtown. You probably will get a good whiff of it as you walk by one of the many dispensaries, though!

Myth #2

Marijuana is Cheap


Many believe that Colorado has the cheapest recreational ganja, but Oregon’s prices are actually lower than Colorado’s on average. Coloradans will pay $243 per ounce, while Oregonians will pay just $204. Washington’s ganja is also cheaper, paying only $232 per ounce, according to this graphic from Forbes.

Myth #3

Everyone Smokes


Colorado is a very health-conscious state and Denver is no exception. While many locals do smoke marijuana, not everyone does and some locals even detest it. Remember to be courteous, even in one of the cannabis capitals.

Myth #4

You Can Smoke Pot in Movie Theaters


There was a meme making its way around the internet claiming there was something called the Pot Palladium, a place where you could smoke marijuana while you watch movies on the big screen. Well, by Colorado law, people can only smoke in private establishments, meaning that, sadly, there is no such thing as the Pot Palladium. Hopefully, you didn’t plan on making a trip to Denver to smoke while you catch the new Marvel flick.

Myth #5

Lots of Restaurants and Bars Serve Edibles


Another one of the many myths regarding Denver’s cannabis culture is that restaurants have edible versions of many menu items. They don’t. Colorado law does not allow it, although you can enroll in a cooking class or you can buy pre-made edibles at a dispensary.

Myth #6

Marijuana has Contributed to Homelessness


Homelessness has always been a growing problem in Denver, Colorado, and some suggest that marijuana is the culprit. Bill O’ Reilly did a story on his show, The O’ Reilly Factor, called “Stoned Homeless in Colorado,” claiming that marijuana is the primary cause of homelessness in the city. However, that is simply not true. Rising housing costs and inability to find work have been largely responsible for this problem.

Myth #7

You Can Take it Anywhere if It's Purchased Legally

be respons

This should be the most obvious of our myths, but some people do not understand that you cannot take marijuana you purchase in Colorado out of Colorado, even if you live in another recreational state. Federal law prohibits marijuana use, which means that moving it across state lines is a federal crime.

Myth #8

You Can't Get Arrested for Driving High


In Denver, and other recreational places, you can be arrested for driving high, just like you can be arrested for driving drunk. However, it is uncommon. In fact, only 5% of “drugged drivers” were under the influence of marijuana.



Jheri is a successful freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast from Michigan. She is currently writing her novel and a number of short stories, as well as promoting cannabis for Smoke Weed and Medical Marijuana Cure. Her office is based in Denver, CO.

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