15 Awesome 420 Events Across the World


You can find 420 events all over the world. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these awesome events from the United States to South America, Europe, and even South Africa.

Amsterdam, Holland

Cannabis Cup Amsterdam


High Times hosts a small number of Cannabis Cups every year, but one of the few 420 events is held in Holland’s famous capital, Amsterdam. The Cannabis Cup will have a number of stalls, strains, and you can even smoke in some of their cannabis-friendly cafes.

You will end up paying a steep price to attend the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, though, with tickets costing $280 if you want to actually take part in the judging process. You can purchase them on The Cannabis Cup’s website.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hash Bash


Michigan is a medical state, meaning medical use is legal. That makes it a prime location for awesome marijuana festivals. Not too far from Ann Arbor is Clio, Michigan, where a Cannabis Cup is located, but that is not the only 420 event you can catch in the state. Ann Arbor hosts Hash Bash every year, an event that encourages marijuana legalization.

There are live music and street vendors all along the street, as well as speeches promoting legalization. More information can be found on their website.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Hempfest


Having recently legalized recreational marijuana, Alaska is an obvious location for cannabis enthusiasts to roost. That is why Alaska will be hosting their first official Hempfest in 2016.

The festival will host a number of vendors, sponsors, and educational booths. Plus, you can taste test at the booths if you’re over 21 years of age. They also could always use volunteers, which you can sign up for on their website.

Atlanta, Georgia

Great Atlanta Pot Festival


Atlanta, Georgia has held its famous Sweetwater 420 Fest for many years, but it recently the name was replaced with the Great Atlanta Pot Festival.

You’ll be able to find music, food, beer, and like-minded people at this 25-year-old festival. If you’re interested, their website provides details.

Barcelona, Spain



Spannabis is an annual event held in Barcelona, taking place for eleven consecutive years. If you go, you will find a number of exhibitors, both for marijuana-related products and marijuana itself.

If you’re interested in cool cultural elements, you can also catch some live music and get some tasty edibles. Their website can help you find your way there.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Freedom Rally


Boston is the home of the Boston Freedom Rally, yet another one of our great 420 events. It is an annual rally meant to raise awareness of the freedom to use marijuana.They promote ballots that could further the legalization in the state of Massachusetts, as well as press eligible voters to register to vote on said ballots.

Unfortunately, you will not find any paraphernalia or marijuana at the event. It is not allowed at the rally, which is exactly why the Boston Freedom Rally has been held annually. Go to their website, find your way to the rally, and make a difference!

Denver, Colorado

The Official 420 Rally


It is no secret that the Mile High City is one of the great pot capitals, which is why it makes sense for the Official 420 Rally to be held there! The rally has a number of vendors, live music, and the best part is, it’s free!

Their website can help you find your way there.

Johannesburg, South Africa



Johannesburg is the home to a rich cannabis culture. The country of South Africa has been in a legal battle with the government for many years, suggesting that they desperately need to update its laws on cannabis. Weedstock is an event to promote just that–cannabis culture and everything it stands for.

London, UK

Daze in the Park


The UK hosts Daze in the Park at Hyde Park in London, making it another one of the three 420 events to take place in Europe. People that take part openly smoke cannabis, despite the UK’s strict marijuana regulations. NORML UK hosts it, hoping to influence some of the unjust laws in the UK.

Madison, Wisconsin

The Great Midwest Harvest Festival


Wisconsin is a great farming state, so it makes sense that the Great Midwest Harvest Festival would be hosted in Madison. The event focuses on the sanctity of the October harvest, and it encourages the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

You will also find music, vendors, and speakersTheir website can lead you in the right direction if you’re a Midwesterner that hasn’t made it to the festival before.

Negril, Jamaica

Stepping High Festival

maxresdefault (1)

It’s no surprise that one of the best 420 events in the world would be in Jamaica, which is exactly what Stepping High in Negril is. The festival will feature a number of the world’s finest strains, as well as live music and prizes.

Other details regarding the event can be found on its website.

Brooklyn, New York

New York Hempfest


Of course the Big Apple would have its own hemp festival! Head to Brooklyn in October to check out New York Hempfest, a social event that aims to teach the public about marijuana. You’ll find live music, vendors, and a lot of great information. It is free as long as you register early.

Bakersfield, California

HempCon Cup


The HempCon Cup is held in Bakersfield, California. It features a number of competitions for everything ranging from shatter to edibles to vapes to glass. The convention even has legal services and doctor evaluations available.

You can learn more about it on their website.

Toronto/Vancouver, Canada

Lift Cannabis Expo


Being a cannabis hotspot, Canada is the perfect location for the Lift Cannabis Expo. The expo is hosted in both Vancouver and Toronto and it is the country’s largest medicinal cannabis tradeshow. People from all over the world come to the expo to see some of the best medical bud on the planet, as well as find jobs and exhibit their product.

If you plan on attending either of the expos, you can get more information on their website.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Hempfest


Ever since Washington legalized recreational marijuana, Seattle has been a prime smokers’ paradise. Naturally, the city would have its own Hempfest! The festival will have plenty of vendors, live music, and of course, passionate marijuana users.

If Seattle Hempfest sounds like the best of our 420 events, give their website a look. They can always use volunteers!


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